Guan-jing-lou Garden B&B

Who can quietly await for your arrival like Guan-jing-lou, a B&B that’s more like home than one’s own. Breathe in freshness and nature, and wash away dust and wary anytime…located right beside Luodong Sports Park, the attractive Guan-jing-lou welcomes you with an open arm and family friendliness.

晨曦(四人房) 201
飛霞(四人房) 202
微風(兩人房) 203
星辰(和式通舖)八人 301
。ADDR:No.152, Jing-an First Road, Kelin Village, Dongshan Township, Yilan County
。TEL:+8863-9613577 。FAX:+8863-9611955